Tailor-made musical experiences for everyone!

Do you sing or practice a musical instrument?

Do you dream of playing the songs of your favorite bands and artists live?


MMaestro Musique Experience introduces you to the practice of music with a real group of talented musicians.

In a rehearsal studio, recording studio, live at home and, why not, on the stage of a café, club or concert hall.


To go further, we also organize the shoot of a music video that you will help direct and in which you will play the main role.



Studio recordings


Photo shoot

Music video

Instruments de musique


Your musical project begins with the meeting with handpicked musicians who will accompany you throughout this artistic experience.


Chosen according to the style and characteristics of your cover or composition project, they will introduce you to the practice of group music.

  • Une expérience idéale pour s'initier à la musique live en 3 heures

  • Gardez le tempo et enregistrez 2 reprises avec vos musiciens MMaestro

  • Le temps d'une journée inoubliable, vivez votre rêve de musique !

Musically yours


Since I was little, I have been inhabited by music, and it was my father, a trumpeter, who transmitted to me this link with his vintage instruments of all kinds and his vinyls by Wes Montgomery, Peres Prado, Miles Davis...

In the end of the 90s in Combs-la-Ville (77), after many musical wanderings, I was into DJing for several years.

The desire to touch, to experiment and to create led me to percussion, until I finally found my place within the community of bassists.

Long hours of practice and a hint of theory allowed me to cook a personal and atypical sound.

CC-Les Frères Smith (founder), Bing Zooo (founder), The Vogs, Roforofo Jazz, Oghene Kologbo (Fela Kuti)…


MMaestro Musique Expérience is a natural fusion between my musical background and my expertise in events (GL Events, CWT / Microsoft), in the service of music and sharing.

Sit down, we'll take care of everything!

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